DEPARTMENT OF GOOD is remarkable in the number of communities and initiatives it simultaneously supports.

DEPARTMENT OF GOOD products are manufactured in responsible facilities, such as our factory in Haiti which reinvest 50% of profits into workers, their families and the local community. These expenditures are not charitable donations, but investments in healthcare, education, training and infrastructure. Working alongside the local community, DEPARTMENT OF GOOD is improving social conditions and promoting economic development in the region.

DEPARTMENT OF GOOD also works with retailers, their communities, and local charities. Embedded giving in every purchase benefits a wide variety of organizations. These organizations are provided by the retailer and selected, from a slate of options, by the consumer at checkout. The nature and impact of individual gifts may vary and are at the discretion of the consumer and retailer. As a fundraising mechanism, I START CHANGE is extremely flexible and is designed to encourage communities to define their own social priorities.