A Letter From the Founder


Join us in a nostalgic leap into the future as we bridge the gap between digital and independent retail and collaborate together for GOOD

“Join us in a Nostalgic Leap into the Future”

At the Dept. of GOOD, we are a family that has come together with a passion to start a movement. The movement is inspired by the past, when communities were the backbone of society and took care of those within its farthest reaches. Where small independent business and retail were thriving, and supporting all the initiatives within that community; from the local food drive at the Church, to the little league uniforms, to the instruments in the high school marching band.

Nostalgia need not be old, nor only wistful. Nostalgia can be the fuel that brings the best from the past and implements it in today’s vibrant technological world.

We believe that by building a vast global network of independent retailers and collaborating with them to overcome the challenges they face today; we can unite and put back from where we all derive so much benefit; our communities, physical, virtual and like-minded. This is the Dept. of GOOD:

A for-profit click and mortar retail platform that connects, empowers, impacts and creates shared value with small independent business, communities, consumers, non-profits, innovators and collaborators.

We hope anyone reading this will feel our passion and our desire to disrupt retail, and forge ahead to create an ecosystem where all stakeholders: - small independent business,- innovative products, -community, national and international organizations, -consumers -local supply chains can work in complete collaboration.

  • Where the independent retailers will thrive when internet sales are generated and where we will offer them multiple revenue streams.
  • Where the consumer can purchase new and innovative goods and know that they are supporting their community.
  • Where everyone connects and relationships are forged between all stakeholders.
  • Where community organizations can grow their support by receiving funds as well as being exposed to strategic brand partnerships.
  • Where we all meet on the DoG platform and find innovative ways to unite with consumers and their communities.

We believe in leveraging everything we do every day for GOOD. We often refer to Taxi companies as an example of how our model works. How do we seamlessly inculcate shared value into our business model? “Taxi companies could donate one hour of every driver’s week to picking up the elderly or those in need of help and take them to their doctor’s appointments or get their groceries. The cost would be negligible if any and the benefits from goodwill and communications would be priceless” 

We believe that every single one of us can make a profound difference in the life of another person, help our community thrive, help empower our friends, family and neighbors, One by One. How and where we consume can change society and the leadership must come through our entrepreneurial endeavors.

We are Capitalists with a Heart

Whether we take the time to greet a stranger on an elevator, bend down and speak to a child, volunteer to read to patients in a hospital, take the arm of an elderly person walking across the street, we are here and strive to live a life where we can be kind and purposeful.

Please join us at the Dept. of GOOD and help us make a difference, in our communities near and far.