Retail Partner

Join us in a Nostalgic Leap into the future – Would you like to be a Retail Partner?

We believe in leveraging everything we do every day for GOOD. 

In our many years in the fashion and retail business, we have learned that there is no better partner for brand building than our independent retailers. We have also seen the great difficulty of today’s landscape; high developer costs, lack of access to capital, lack of innovative product, compressed margins, difficulty in capturing analytics, and competing with the digital space. 

At Dept. of GOOD we believe we have built a model where together we can change the landscape and help empower our retail partners. Together we hope to create an interwoven network of entrepreneurs and independent retail locations that rebuild community and empower community organizations to thrive.

In the past, communities thrived mainly due to the independent businesses which not only brought innovation, and as importantly helped the community take care of those who found themselves in difficulty. Helping kids raise the money for school trips or sponsored the sports uniforms. We always knew that going door-to-door to our community businesses was a rite of passage. Today this is difficult if not impossible.

We know that more than 70% of all consumers would like to shop local brick and mortar stores, we want to help bring that experience back. 

We hope you will consider contacting us and becoming one of our retail partners, we can guarantee that you will have nothing to lose and hopefully much to gain as you help us create a network of interwoven independent retailers, leveraging what we do every day for GOOD. 


A little about Dept. of GOOD

Dept. of GOOD was started, to answer some important questions that our founder had been posing for many years.


  1. How could we empower and strengthen communities?
  2. Would communities thrive again if small business was robust and sustainable, especially in the retail industry?
  3. 97% of all business in North America is small business (below 50 employees), How could we help them?
  4. How do small non-profits and community organizations sustain themselves?
  5. How do we support small business and small entrepreneurs, especially those with wonderful ideas?
  6. Only 8% of innovative ideas make it to the market place, which means 92% are lost, why?
  7. How does lack of access to capital, lack of support in manufacturing process, and lack of channels of distribution, affect small businesses?
  8. How could we create a paradigm shift in the retail industry?
  9. We took all these questions and came up with a business model which is a FOR-PROFIT model which puts together
    1. Small independent retail
    2. Community and non-profit organizations
    3. Innovative product
    4. Consumers
    5. And as often as we can a local supply chain
    6. We put everyone together in a completely collaborative process where we strive to create goodness, created at every transactional point of the supply chain, includingRaw Material, where the products are produced, wholesale and retail.


If you join us in our journey we will facilitate exclusive product based on geographical region, we will strive to always give you sustainable and robust margins, we will help as best as we can with terms. As we grow we will implement our technology of real time analytics to help you with your DoG inventory. We will also make it possible that you can support local organizations with every transaction and be happy when we sell directly to the consumer on our platform, because you will benefit with an additional revenue stream where applicable. We will also make sure that every consumer who visits our platform and lives in your proximity will be introduced to you as a partner they should visit and help support. When you have anything in terms of communication, you can upload it to us and we will make sure to disseminate it to our community.


More importantly you will become a member of an eco-system which will grow and grow and help make your business vibrant and sustainable.


There is much more to share with you; however, we would love for you to answer the questions below and we can set a call to discuss. Please email us at

  1. Your Name
  2. Name of store or business
  3. Address
  4. Merchandise mix carried
  5. What brands would you be interested in carrying?
  6. What brands do you presently carry and what are the average price points?
  7. Telephone
  8. Email

Thank you for the interest in the dept. of GOOD. We look forward to speaking within the next 48 hours.

All the best,

Joey Adler