Tokenized Economy

We are very proud to be at the forefront as one of the early adopters of blockchain technology. We will not only use this as a business process, but also as a wonderful way to help our consumers and partners utilize our #Token4GOOD system as a way to derive great value and ongoing benefits.

Simply put, when you purchase something on the Dept. of GOOD platform, you will earn at least 10% of that net sale in the form of #Token4GOOD. Then, you can watch your own personal wallet grow and you can trade your tokens, gift them, donate them to our charitable partners, or simply redeem them shop with us again.

In addition to signing up for our #GOODARMY and opening your own wallet, you will have the opportunity to be a #GOODambassador and encourage others to shop - giving you the opportunity to gain more #Token4GOOD and increase your impact.